Grade 8 Science

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Science 8 Class of 2019
Daily review is essential to academic success
**Please Note: Homework/Lab/Testing Schedule may change due to Classroom Interruptions/Special Events/Assemblies/Needed Reinforcement of Concepts**Student Assignment Pads are Utilized Daily!

Week of November 19-November 23, 2018

Test Tuesday, Cell Division & the Process of Mitosis
Review for Test Today
When Completed: Lab Reports "Hydra"
"Respiration & Photosynthesis" (Elodea Plants) 

Test “Cell Division and Mitosis” Pg. 96-102
Objectives: to explain why Mitosis is important;
understand the 
steps of mitosis; compare mitosis in
plant & animal cells; to understand asexual reproduction
asexual reproduction (fission/budding/regeneration)
…diagram included
If completed early: labs/project

Prayer Circles; 12:15 pm Dismissal; No Aftercare
Pep Rally
Completion of Lab Reports

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Holiday

“Classification System” Project:
Objective: to understand how living organisms are classified