Grade 6 Science

Gr 6
Grade 6
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Science 6 Class of 2022
Daily review is essential to academic success
**Please Note: Homework/Lab/Testing Schedule may change due to Classroom Interruptions/Special Events/Assemblies/Needed Reinforcement of Concepts**Student Assignment Pads are Utilized Daily!
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Science 6 Class of 2022

Week of

Please read the notes below regarding our online schooling for the next 2 weeks.

Each teacher will be posting your work in the morning with a due date and time. Students are expected to check their school emails and google classrooms daily for any assignments and updates.
If you have any questions regarding an assignment or if something is not working correctly, please email the teacher individually. Your assignments should be typed and shared with the appropriate teacher for full credit. If you need to hand write an assignment or complete math problems on a sheet of paper, you must scan or take a picture of your completed assignment and email it to the teacher.
Please do NOT share any assignments on the Google Classroom thread as it will allow all students access.  
1. We will be taking attendance on the Religion Google Classroom at 9:30 am every day - there will be a daily post for you to comment on that you are "here" for the day. This attendance will be recorded with Mrs. Arts for each student's record. 
2. After marking your attendance on the Religion page, please check ALL google classroom pages for your assignments for the day. 
3. Your Art and Music assignments will be posted on the Religion Google Classroom by Ms. Wetzel and Mrs. Poppe on the day of those classes for you to complete. 
4. You will find your Spanish assignments on Mrs. Borghi's Google Classroom for your grade level. 
5. Math assignments will be posted on the Science page by Mr. Harrison and Ms. Wetzel. 
6. Please share any Religion work with BOTH Ms. Wetzel and Mrs. Poppe. 
7. Health assignments will be posted on the Social Studies class. 






Project: “Science Current Events" Newspaper” 
Objective: To discover new events found in the sciences