Grade 6 Science

Grade 6
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Science 6 Class of 2022
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Science 6 Class of 2022

Week of January 20-January 24

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Completion of Lab
Lab: “Testing for Acids & Bases & pH
Lab Report Due: Jan. 24, Friday 
Collect pg. 26 & 32*Section 2 Review Sheet
p. 141 common chemical properties


Section 2: Chemical Properties p. 141
Objectives: Describe chemical properties of matter;
explain the 
chemical properties of acids & bases;
explain how a salt is formed.
Homework:Discuss Textbook Questions p. 144

Section 3 “Physical & Chemical Changes”     
Objectives: to identify physical & chemical changes;
exemplify how 
physical & chemical changes affect 
 the world we live in

Project: “Science Current Events" Newspaper”
Objective: To discover 
new events found in the sciences