The Prep: Mrs. McCabe

Welcome to the Prep!

Come and see what "The Prep" program is all about!

The Prep program is specially designed program for the toddlers and twos!!

We are very blessed and excited to be our 5th year of "The Prep" program at AMBS!  Our ultimate goal is to create an environment steeped in Christian values and experiences where a life-long love of learning begins. 

Social experiences shape the way we see and interpret the world.  Language plays such a critical role because it is our primary source of communication with others.

Your toddler is an active learner, who will construct meaning through experiences, discover skills  and knowledge and continue developing his/her emotional intelligence. 

All play is not equal! We look forward to creatively providing the most educationally appropriate environment, and mentoring your toddler, recognizing the "teachable moments" through language and math activities, play, story time, art activities, cooking together and so much more!

Your child will get a gentle feel for a school routine, while developing their listening, cooperation and social skills while having a great time! Watch their self confidence soar!! 

Any questions concerns please do not hesitate to let us know