PK to Kindergarten

Our Early Childhood Program

Please note that our early childhood program is blessed to have separate 'cottages' for each age group allowing for a safe, comfortable, cozy environment in which to learn...come see our 'cottages' located to the side of our main building; the cottages also boast their own outdoor play area to the rear of our attractive campus. Please note that there are age requirements for these programs at AMBS.

Little Blessings Pre-School for 3 & 4 year old children (formal computer instruction begins mid way through pre k four), a pre kindergarten academic experience fully integrated with a stong Catholic identity, and an opportunity to creatively explore their world

Transitions, a developmentally appropriate, innovative program for children 4 & 5 yrs. old, who have already completed two years of pre-school and meet readiness requirements.  This program affords the 'gift of an added year' of development and also enhances spiritual development throughout the day

Kindergarten for children who reach age five by Oct. 1st and meet readiness & acceptance requirements...a full day, fully academic program with a strong Catholic identity component along with an opportunity for developing their creative side.

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