Grade 2: Miss Flynn

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

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Upcoming Dates:

Monday: Media
Tuesday: Science Lab & Physical Education
Wednesday: Spanish & Art
Thursday: Music 
Friday: Technology & Physical Education

Upcoming Tests & Projects:
Social Studies:
Spelling/Reading: Every Friday (unless otherwise noted)
Math: Chapter 8 Place Value 3/28
Religion: Chapter 15

What We're Learning:
Math: Place Value
Science: Matter- Solid, Liquid, Gas
Reading: Main Idea and Summary, r-controlled vowels, inflectional endings -er, -est
Grammar: Pronouns
Social Studies: Our History
Religion: First Holy Communion


Monday: Sentences 1-5
Tuesday: Sentences 6-10
Wednesday: 3x each #1-5
Thursday: 3x each #6-10

Monday: ABC Order
Tuesday: Sentences
Wednesday: 3x each
Thursday: Color Words 

Spelling City: Due on Friday

*Monday's homework is due on Wednesday.*
Monday: p. 
Tuesday: p. 
Wednesday: p. 
Thursday: p.