Grade 4: Mrs. Manzo

                  June at a glace:

7th: First Friday Mass- 9:15 a.m.
        June & July Birthdays
       12:15 dismissal- NO AFTERCARE

10th: NUT Day

14th:  Baccalaureate Mass-9:15 a.m.
           8th Grade Graduation- 10:45 a.m.
          12:15 dismissal- NO AFTERCARE

17th-19th: Early dismissal days-12:15 p.m. NO AFTERCARE

20th: Last day of School for students! 12:15 p.m.


                     Welcome to 4th grade!

Curriculum overview:

Religion:  This year the primary focus is the 10 Commandments.  Students will learn a deeper understanding of each of the commandments and how to live them in their everyday lives.  Friday Prayer Circles, First Friday Mass, Prayer Partner activities and varies service projects rounds out our Religion program.   Our Religion book’s website is: (Click on Grade 4 book)  The website offers a wide variety of activities for each chapter to enhance each sacrament and other topics, such as overviews of each chapter, study guides, and game & study aides.   

Reading/Language Arts – Incorporates Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Vocabulary and Writing skills.  The stories let us share the experiences of others, and will guide us along the way. A variety of reading skills will be discussed this year: comprehension, story elements, using parts of a book, making inferences, problem/solution, main idea and supporting details, multiple meaning words, synonyms and antonyms, story elements, using a glossary, context clues, cause and effect, using an index, and using a table of contents and headings.  Novels will also be utilized this year.  Students will be assessed every few months with our DRA program.  We will also be using Reading A-Z which gives us access to thousands of leveled reading stories across different genres that meet the individual needs of all.   Some other websites we use are: (login assigned) and (under Student & Family resources) which gives you access to different study guides, games, and activities for Vocabulary Workshop and Grammar Workshop. 

Math – Students will be working in the Progress in Mathematics textbook and we will be covering a variety of skills and lesson throughout the year.   All of the students will continue with IXL Math throughout the school year both in school and at home.  Students may also access that has different study activities.   

Social Studies – The fourth grade curriculum focuses on our wonderful state of New Jersey.  The students will learn about our “Garden State” from its very beginning to where we are today. Students will also do research on a famous New Jerseyan! 

Science- The unites covered this year include: classifying living things, learning about Earth's history, matter in motion, and a body in motion.  Students will also be in the elementary school science lab one period a week to review and complete science experiments based on things learned in class as well as work on STREAM activities!

Specials’ Schedule:
Physical Education –  Tuesday                         Art –  Wednesday           Tech/Media –  Thursday                                   Music – Friday                                   Spanish –  Monday & Wednesday 

HomeworkHomework should be expected on a nightly basis.  Occasionally there may be some homework/projects over the weekend.  It is to be completed and returned the next day.  Homework/tests/projects/notes are written on the homework board when the students arrive in the morning, so it is their responsibility to copy it down before the end of the day.  It is the student’s responsibility to check their mailboxes for all work if they are absent.  I will remind them once they return to school to check.     

Students will receive partial credit for any late homework if it comes in the following day.  Any time after, they will receive a zero in PowerSchool.  Handing all homework in on time will result in the best possible grade!

If there is an issue with students completing homework, please send me an e-mail in the morning so I may address the issue.   

Grading: Class participation, homework, class work, projects, as well as, tests and quizzes will help determine the student’s grades.  My grading policy requires that all work be completed for the due date in order to receive full credit.  Assignments that are handed in late or incomplete, students will receive partial credit.  If an assignment is missing and not turned in, a “0” (zero) will be recorded and reflected in the trimester grade.  Students are expected to complete ALL assignments in a timely manner. 

The academic scale is as follows:

A+ = 97 – 100             A   = 92 – 96               B+ = 88 – 91               B   = 83 – 87   

C+ = 78 – 82               C   = 73 – 77               D   = 70 – 72              U   = below 70

Class Participation:  To determine the class participation grade, I have created a class participation rubric.  Each Friday afternoon, students will sit down and reflect upon their week.  Students should be completely honest with themselves and the week they had.  Throughout the course of the week, if something comes up with a particular student I will jot down the behavior/situation to keep with the class participation record.