Seton House 2018-2019 Information


Religion-Seton House* 2018-2019 

 The Aquinas School Crest bears The Jerusalem Cross as its central figure.
 The School color is green, symbolizing hope and loyalty in love. The Chief, the graphic design at the top of each House Crest, symbolizes wisdom.

Seton House honors St. Elizabeth Seton, an adult convert and the first native-born North American to be canonized.

She founded the U.S. Order of the Sisters of Charity and greatly advanced Catholic Education in America. 

Seton House color is blue, which symbolizes strength and loyalty. The Crest is segmented by a Chevron, a house's roof, indicating protection and faithful service.

In addition to The Aquinas School's Jerusalem Cross and a book icon, the Crest features: hands and heart, signifying friendship and love, and a dove, symbolizing peace.

Textbook Theme: New Testament
 *Please note that homework may be altered-students must
utilize the assignment pad daily

**Seton House**
*Feast Day: January 4*

Seton House Prayer Service-January 11
Seton House Liturgy-January 04

Motto: “We Strive for Excellence”

2018-2019 School Year

Seton House Birthdays
Ms. Wetzel-August 05
Romina-September 08
Emily R.-September 26
Emily S.-September 26
Victoria-November 09
Joshua-November 23
Ocean-February 22
Marie-March 04
Veronica-March 19
Michele-April 17
Mary-June 17


*Head of House* Victoria
Grade 8

Grade 7

Grade 6


 Seton House 2018-2019

Textbook: New Testament

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