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(please note: this is a single comprehensive supply list for all middle school subjects)

Week of November 20-November 24, 2017
Blue Ribbon

Aquinas News/Aquinas Science News/
Dates to Remember:
Week of November 20-November 24, 2017

November 20-Thanksgiving Food Drive Assembly of
Boxes w/ Donations

Joseph House-
Instant Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Neumann House-Stuffing & Cornbread Mix
Seton House-Large Canned Vegetables
Xavier House-Large Canned Yams

November 20-Thanksgiving Food Drive Assembly of
Boxes w/ Donations
cross n heart
November 22-12:15 pm Dismissal; No Aftercare; Prayer Circles
November 23-24-No School
Give Thanks

November 27- N.U.T. (Prepaid)
November 28-Grade 6 & 7 History Trip;
Grade 8 Cap and 
Gown Measurement
November 30-First Trimester Report Cards
December 1-First Friday Liturgy; 12:15 pm Dismissal;
No Aftercare 
December 3-First Sunday of Advent;
Happy Feast Day Xavier House!

advent 1
December 4-Advent Tree Lighting
December 5-Advent Confessions 

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Important Dates/Deadlines!

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Please click on tabs below to view pictures from the following:
...First Annual STREAM Fair and the Artwork produced for the Fair!
...STEM EXPO (Archdiocese Retreat Center)
...Class of 2019 Grade Class Trip (Buehler)
...Science Challenge @ DePaul Catholic High School 
...Class of 2018 Grade Class Trip

November Birthday Celebration-November 17

Grade 8
Grade 7
November 04-Giovanna
November 09-Victoria
November 23-Layla
November 25-Veronica
Grade 6


Click HERE for the lab report rubric.
Click HERE for information on lab report format guidelines.

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**Ms. Wetzel's Science Corner**
**Please Note: Homework/Lab/Testing Schedule may change due to  Classroom Interruptions/Special Events/Assemblies/Needed Reinforcement of Concepts**Student Assignment Pads are Utilized Daily!
**In School E-mail address:

Ms. D. Wetzel: Grade 8 Advisor/Seton House Moderator-Homeroom/Science Aquinas School 6-8

**All students that need to make up assignments and exams missed due to illness and/or extra vacation time MUST make arrangements to complete assignments prior to the closing of the trimester.**

Science Grading System
Assessments (Tests/Quizzes) 45%
Trimester Exams
Lab/Lab Reports/Projects 25%
Class Participation/Effort 15%
Homework 15%
STEM Fair (Aquinas Middle School) Calculated in Second or Third Trimester
Religion (Seton House) Grading System
Assessment (Tests/Quizzes) 45%
Homework 15%
Projects 25%
Class Participation/Effort 15%
Trimester Benchmark Exams-Two Test Scores
Homework Policy
  • Parents/guardians will receive a deficiency notice after three homework assignments are not completed.
  • Late Lab Reports will receive an immediate ten point reduction.
  • For the end of the trimester effort grade, late homework assignments will be 
    averaged into the final grade with a five point reduction for every late assignment
  • Assignments will NOT be accepted after it is a full week late.

**Aquinas School**

Reminder: Please adhere to the morning student drop-off and dismissal procedures and make certain that students adhere to the proper dress code and uniform.

Students must be prepared for classes, especially required school supplies.

**A note is required if a student is to be released to another person at dismissal 

Students are not permitted to walk over to the shopping complex across the street**Please review parent/student handbook**

Edmodo Codes for 2017-2018: (also listed under each class tab)
Seton House 2017-2018**hwfz5m
Science 8 Class of 2018**46zyn4
Science 7 Class of 2019**xtt956
Science 6 Class of 2020**c3tx5g

Class of 2019 Science Class Trip
Buehler Challenger and Science Center
(more pictures in separate tab below)
Grade 6
Science Challenge @ De Paul High School-2017
(more pictures in separate tab below)
Class of 2018 Science Class Trip
Buehler Challenger and Science Center
Pic 1 Gr 7
Buehler 2
Please see High School Information Tab Below for
Important Dates/Deadlines!