Aquinas Houses

The Academy of the Most Blessed Sacrament takes pride in our Award Winning Aquinas School Program.

Each year 8th grade students are chosen to lead one of the Aquinas houses: Seton and Xavier 

Seton House 
Motto: We Strive for Excellence 
House Moderator:  Ms. Wetzel 
Head of House: Victoria Arias

Seton House honors St. Elizabeth Seton, an adult convert and the first native-born North American to be canonized. She founded the U.S. Order of the Sisters of Charity and greatly advanced Catholic Education in America.

Seton House color is blue, which symbolizes strength and loyalty. The Crest is segmented by a Chevron, a house's roof, indicating protection and faithful service. In addition to The Aquinas School's Jerusalem Cross and a book icon, the Crest features: hands and heart, signifying friendship and love, and a dove, symbolizing peace.  

Xaiver House 
Motto: We Are One, United in God
House Moderator:  Mrs. Julia Poppe
Head of House: Dominique Dela Gente

Xavier House is named for St. Francis Xavier, one of the first members of the Society of Jesus, who converted thousands wherever he went and is honored as the Patron Saint of all Catholic Missions.

Xavier House color is purple, which symbolizes justice, sovereignty and royalty. The Crest is segmented by the Cross carried in the Crusades. Along with The Aquinas School's Jerusalem Cross and a book icon, the Crest features: an apple, indicating freedom and peace; wolf, symbolizing perseverance and effort; arrow, signifying devotion to honor and service; estoile, the 6-pointed star, highlighting God's goodness and superiority.