Archdiocese of Newark Technology Curriculum Maps

ISTE Standard for Students

Next Generation Science Standards

(Technology Symbaloo)

Middle School


Student use the Engineering Design Process to solve one global issue.  They conduct independent research on global problems, existing solutions, criteria, constraints, and countries.  After they identify a problem to solve and a country with that problem, they select a company name, write a business plan, create and maintain a Gantt Chart, design a logo, build a prototype, and market their product.

The capstone project is the STREAMS Fair presentation.  All students are expected to participate in this presentation.

Upper Elementary

Students in 4th and 5th grades prepare for middle school by accessing Google Classroom and working collaboratively on projects.  Students in 5th grade receive a Chromebook to use in classes throughout the day.

At times, project-based activities correspond with classroom topics.  Students have the opportunity to select activities from choice menus as well as use Web 2.0 tools to complete tasks and show what they know.

Grade 5 is a transitional period for students as they prepare for middle school.  More independence is expected in addition to greater responsibilities.


Students in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades use Google Classroom to access lessons and resources.  They work independently and in small groups to complete tasks.  They continue to practice keyboarding skills as well as investigating more features of the Google for Education apps.
Transitions/Kindergarten students use proper terminology to discuss technology in the classroom.  They begin their digital portfolios, using iPads.


Students in the Pre-K program learn how to properly use an iPad and laptop.  They learn the proper terminology for the parts of the various electronic devices, the apps, and the functions of the buttons, etc.  During this time, they practice letters, letter sounds, math concepts, and listen to stories and songs.