Science in Action

The Students at AMBS are enjoying all of their hands-on experiences in the NEW Science LAB this year!

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Students in kindergarten and first grade experimented with different bird beaks to see how they eat their food.  The students had four different stations and rotated to test out each bird’s beak.  The birds that we experimented with were a sparrow, hummingbird, pelican, and a woodpecker.  The students learned how difficult it is for a bird to get food, how different birds have different beaks, and the different foods that each bird eats.
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Transitions class is learning the parts of a pumpkin.  We carved the pumpkin and then did a Halloween experiment called Ghost Pumpkin.  We mixed vinegar, baking soda, food coloring, and dish soap to cause a reaction and watch the pumpkin erupt! 5th Grade also helped out with this experiment and got a chance to experience the eruption.


5th science
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th Grade did an experiment called Sink or Float.  We used chocolate candies to determine which ones had more density than others.  We discovered how to change the density of water and make the candies float. 

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Kindergarten did the Ghost balloon experiment.  They learned that vinegar mixed with baking soda creates carbon dioxide, which is how the balloon inflates.  They concluded that we breathe out carbon dioxide, which is what we would use to blow up the balloon the regular way. The students really enjoyed learning a new way to inflate a balloon and how to create carbon dioxide.