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Dates to Remember:

Please click on tabs below to view pictures from the following:
...First Annual STREAM Fair and the Artwork produced for the Fair!
...STEM EXPO (Archdiocese Retreat Center)
...Sixth Grade Class Trip (Buehler)
...Eighth Grade Class Trip (Buehler) and Cultural Arts Trip
...Scholastic Competition @ St. Joseph Regional High School (Gr. 8)
...Science Challenge @ DePaul Catholic High School (Gr. 7)
...Seventh Grade Class Trip (Buehler)
...Rocking Horse Ranch Graduation Trip 

Congratulations Class of 2017!
2017 class

Have a Great Summer Vacation!
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Grade 8
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Grade 6

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**Ms. Wetzel's Science Corner**
**Please Note: Homework/Lab/Testing Schedule may change due to  Classroom Interruptions/Special Events/Assemblies/Needed Reinforcement of Concepts**Student Assignment Pads are Utilized Daily!
**In School E-mail address: or
(E-mail is only accessible during school hours)

Ms. D. Wetzel: Grade 8 Moderator/Seton House Moderator-Homeroom/Science Aquinas School 6-8

**All students that need to make up assignments and exams missed due to illness and/or extra vacation time MUST make arrangements to complete assignments prior to the closing of the trimester.**

Science Grading System
Assessments (Tests/Quizzes) 45%
Trimester Exams
Lab/Lab Reports/Projects 25%
Class Participation/Effort 15%
Homework 15%
STEM Fair (Aquinas Middle School) Calculated in Second or Third Trimester
Religion (Seton House) Grading System
Assessment (Tests/Quizzes) 45%
Homework 15%
Projects 25%
Class Participation/Effort 15%
Trimester Benchmark Exams
Homework Policy
  • Parents/guardians will receive a deficiency notice after three homework assignments are not completed.
  • Late Lab Reports will receive a ten point reduction.
  • For the end of the trimester effort grade, late homework assignments will be 
    averaged into the final grade with a five point reduction for every late assignment

**Aquinas School**

Reminder: Please adhere to the morning student drop-off and dismissal procedures and make certain that students adhere to the proper dress code and uniform.

Students must be prepared for classes, especially required school supplies.

**A note is required if a student is to be released to another person at dismissal 

Students are not permitted to walk over to the shopping complex across the street**Please review parent/student handbook**

Edmodo Codes for 2016-2017: (also listed under each class tab)
Seton House 2016-2017**eatdcc
Science 8 Class of 2017**dtfsut
Science 7 Class of 2018**vaxtg2
Science 6 Class of 2019**r2krid

Class of 2017 Cultural Arts Class Trip
Class of 2017

Girls2 SJ
Boys SJ
Scholastic Competition @ St. Joseph High School
(more pictures in separate tab below)
St. Joe
Class of 2019 Science Class Trip
Buehler Challenger and Science Center
(more pictures in separate tab below)
Grade 6
Class of 2017 Science Class Trip
Buehler Challenger and Science Center
(more pictures in separate tab below)
Gr 8
Science Challenge @ DePaul High School
*team of four-seventh graders*
(more pictures in separate tab below)
Class of 2018 Science Class Trip
Buehler Challenger and Science Center
Pic 1 Gr 7
Buehler 2
Class of 2017 Graduation Trip
Rocking Horse Ranch