Grade 1: Mrs. Gall


Raz-Kids Home Reading Program-

Your child has been signed up to Raz-Kids, a great leveled reading program with hundreds of books to choose from. Please keep the log-in information that was given to you, and have your child read at least one book everyday. Can be done on computer or iPad, and possibly smart phone if you are on the go!

Spelling homework this week! We are starting to study long vowels, starting with CVCe words (late, rate, hope. etc...) Make sure 4 assignments are ready to hand in on Friday (one being the sample quiz). The students should be writing sentences independently. They should sound out words they don't know on their own, and put the sounds they hear in order. Spelling words they have learned should be written correctly and they should use the sight word list that is pasted inside the back cover to find commonly used words they need.

 Math WB p. 52, practice IXL links posted below.

 IMPORTANT: please read directions for your child (if necessary) and check over work after it is finished. Prayer on bookmark should be practiced at least once a day. Thanks!

IXL Links:
Subtract Using Cubes
Subtract Using Pictures
Match the Picture to the Fact
All or Zero
Subtraction Word Problems

Along with reading aloud, a daily prayer is important. A bookmark with a prayer will be in your child's math workbook everyday. Please say this prayer before or after math homework and make sure it stays in the math book. 

Practice tying shoes, buttoning pants and skirts and putting belts on. In first grade independence is important!

Feel free to go on to order books anytime using our classroom code QPGDB and our class will continue get rewards!