Grade 1: Mrs. Gall

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa.


Math: p. 108 and practice Money on IXL. Also, practice coin counting using real coins at home.

Spelling: 4 assignments due Friday. (Notebook to be handed in every Friday with all the week's assignments completed) Please take a sample quiz on Thursday night to make sure you have every word memorized, give extra study time to words you have difficulty with. You have your Spelling City log-in information in your Take-Home folder, so work on that at least 20 minutes a week for spelling. Please note: your spelling list will change every week.
Why is it important to do one assignment a night?

By doing one spelling homework assignment per night, your child is building good study habits. He/she is learning to set aside time everyday to improve academically, and getting prolonged exposure to content being learned. If all assignments are completed in one night, the habit of “cramming” is reinforced.

Reading: Read for 20 or more minutes with a family member or to a pet/stuffed animal. See how many different people you can read with this week. Remember to always keep it fun and worry free!

Prayer: Take time to connect with God through prayer. The prayer for this month is the Hail Mary. Be sure to say it at least once a day!

Thank You

Feel free to go on to order books anytime using our classroom code QPGDB and our class will continue get rewards!