Grade 1: Mrs. Gall


Welcome to 1st grade! Right now we are learning classroom routines and getting to know our classroom and school. The first few weeks of school will be a time to review Kindergarten concepts in Math and ELA. It will seem simple, but we are also setting new routines in stone, as well as making sure our foundation is solid (in those areas) to build new information upon. Watch this space for updates on topics we study, classroom info. and homework. I am very excited to see where this year takes us!


Math-Complete page 7 in Math WB tonight. We had fun creating our own number lines in small groups today! IMPORTANT: please read directions for your child (if necessary) and check over work after it is finished. Prayer on bookmark should be practiced at least once a day. Thanks!

Reading-you should be reading with your child 10-20 minutes a night (or more if you choose). It is a wonderful habit to build, promotes family interaction and helps to familiarize students with comprehension and word recognition. Parents reading aloud to their children daily builds a love for literature! 

Along with reading aloud, a daily prayer is important. A bookmark with a prayer will be in your child's math workbook everyday. Please say this prayer before or after math homework and make sure it stays in the math book. 

Practice tying shoes, buttoning pants and skirts and putting belts on. In first grade independence is important!

Feel free to go on to order books anytime using our classroom code QPGDB and our class will continue get rewards!