Grade 4: Mrs. Manzo

Welcome to 4th Grade! 

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2nd: Frozen Yogurt

3th:  Trimester 2 ELA Benchmark

4th:  Trimester 2 Math Benchmark

6th: End of Trimester 2
Frist Friday Mass  at 9:15 a.m.
Bagel Friday

12:15 dismissal; No Aftercare
Humdingers HAP Activity

th:  HAP Parent Meeting/Principal's Forum
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

12th:  Lenten Confessions
Grades 2-8 
1:30 p.m.

13th:  March Birthdays

16th: NUT Day

17th: Saint Patrick's Day;
Wear Green!

19th & 20th: Spring Musical
7:00 p.m.

23rd: MBS Ed. Foundation Beefsteak
The Brownstone; 6:30 p.m.

30th & 31st:  Book Fair


Special's Schedule: 

Monday: Physical Education & Art

Tuesday: Media & Technology

Wednesday:  Spanish

Thursday:  Music

Friday:  Spanish

Homework should be expected on a nightly basis.  Occasionally there may be some homework/projects over the weekend.  It is to be completed and returned the next day.  Homework/tests/projects/notes are written on the homework board when the students arrive in the morning, so it is their responsibility to copy it down before the end of the day.  It is the students' responsibility to check their assigned mailboxes for all work if they are absent.  I will remind them once they return to school.  

Students will be deducted 5 points each day for late homework.  After day 5, they will receive a zero in PowerSchool.  Handing in all homework on time will result I the best possible grade!

If there is an issue with students completing homework, please send me an e-mail in the morning so I may address the issue

Class participation, homework, class work, projects, as well as, tests and quizzes will help determine the student's grades.  My grading policy requires that all work be completed for the due date in order to receive full credit.  Assignments (both class work and homework) that are handed in late or incomplete, students will receive partial credit.  If an assignment is missing and not turned in, a "0" (zero) will be recorded and reflected in the trimester grade.  Students are expected to complete ALL assignments in a timely manner.

Class Participation:
To determine the class participation grade, I have created a class participation rubric.  Each Friday afternoon, students will sit down and reflect upon their week.  Students should be completely honest with themselves and the week they had.  Through the course of the week, if something comes up with a particular student I will jot down the behavior/situation to keep with the class participation record.  

Positive Reinforcement:
The class has the opportunity to earn surprises and special activities with our Blurt Beans!  Each student is give 5 beans daily  If a student blurts out in class, is talking during lessons, etc. they will have to put one bean in the blurt bean jar.  At the end of each day, whatever beans are left will go into the prize jar.  there are three different levels students can earn.  Once we fill to a particular level, we will do something fun!

Students will also an opportunity to shout out their classmates for random acts of kindness with our Kindness Box.  At the end of each week, I will randomly choose one act of kindness from the box and they receive a special treat.  All students will receive their random acts of kindness slips to see how they have helped a classmate!

Classroom Library/Student Reading:
Over the summer, I spend a lot of time leveling, labeling, and organizing all of the books within our classroom library.  After assessing the students in September with our DRA program, they will know which leveled book is just right for them and will be able to enjoy our new library!  I ask that you always encourage your student to read at school when there many be free time and most importantly, at home!  Being able to read for periods of time is a skill that many struggle with and I hope with the new classroom library, it will be fun and exciting for them!  Also, students are always welcome to bring their own books from home!